Developing winning proposals is both
an art and a science. It takes knowledge,
process and experience.

A Process that Consistently Produces Winners

While people turn great processes into great results it is the process that provides the framework that reproduces the result consistently. At Century our 30+ years of experience has allowed us to develop some truly great processes for winning competitive business.

The ProposalPerfect process involves a systematically executed series of analytical and creative steps that produces proposals that are fully compliant, responsive, and have the necessary best value sales perspective to create consistent winners. In this process careful consideration is given to the dynamics of the evaluator's decision process, an element of ProposalPerfect that stands apart from other proposal development processes.

Using a unique methodology for designing and organizing the proposal called ConceptualMapping, and integrating other Century developed techniques such as Graphical Storytelling, the ProposalPerfect process has become a proven method for increasing win rates.

At Century we have long understood that the environment surrounding a proposal effort creates a difficult set of working conditions; and as the teamwork goes so goes the opportunity to win. Recognizing that the human dynamics within the proposal team would have a direct impact on the quality of the product Century began to study the problem and develop an approach to building proposal teams that would enhance the experience for the participants and improve the result.

The EgoLessTeam (ELT) is built on team development theories suggesting that high performance teams result when certain required roles are successfully fulfilled by individual team members (i.e. leaders, problem solvers, doers, supporters, innovators, decision-makers) but the overall team accepts and values input from all participants equally. At Century we approach every proposal effort using ELT and we bring the technique with us to every customer engagement.


Developing winning proposals is both an art and a science. It takes knowledge, process and experience. But most of all it takes dedicated, talented and creative people.

Our staff is made up of specialists in every area of expertise necessary to support all phases of the proposal development process and produce winning results.

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