We would like to share some of
what we have learned with you, and
hopefully you will share with us.
The greatest gift one can give is the gift
of knowledge and from this we will
grow and prosper together.

Insights & Info

At Century we believe that learning comes from sharing and when you stop learning you will be faced with the certainty of failure.

With this in mind we hope that you find the information available here to be of value to you. In return we hope that you will contact us to share your thoughts as well. Please note the link to our blog where you are welcome to help others learn and grow.

And while you are expanding your horizons you may find a quote from Laurence Lee to be useful: "The world does not pay for what a person knows; it pays for what a person does with what they know."


ORCA : A site where you can enter your company's Reps & Certs electronically and keep on file.

Contractor Performance System

Past Performance Information Retrieval System : Both of these systems store information on your company's past performance ratings. The data is entered by the government but you can view your data and in the CPS you can add comments.

Central Contractor Registry : You have to be officially entered into this database before you can get a government contract.

FedBizOpps : Site where all government agencies post business opportunities. When you are tracking an RFP this is where you will go to download the documents and this is where you will look for the posting of amendments.

FedGrants : At this site you cab find and apply for government grants.

SBA Sub-net : This site lists subcontracting opportunities for small businesses. Postings are from larger firms looking for small businesses with particular skills. Large percentage of the postings are in the construction trades.

Input : This is a private subscription service that provides research and advance notice of government procurements. The vast majority of the listings are in the Information Technology arena.

FedSources : Another private subscription research service providing information and advance notice on government procurements.

Carroll Publishing : Private company that provides organization charts for federal agencies and contact information for the key employees.

Washington Technology : A good place to stay tuned into what is going on around Washington DC in terms of federal procurement and technology trends.