Century Planning was founded in 1972 by
Joseph T. Nocerino. From its inception
the company has been totally focused on
competitive proposal development.

Our Talented Staff Makes the Difference

When winning is critical and the deadline is approaching there is nothing that will make you feel more confident then having great people on your team. At Century we provide support for the complete competitive procurement life-cycle and we have some truly great processes; but nothing will push that proposal over the top more than the creativity, dedication, and shear talent of our people.

At Century people are much more than just a qualified resume, they are CenturyCertified professionals that have been trained and field certified by us in the ProposalPerfect process and our EgoLessTeam approach to group dynamics. This combination of Century process knowledge and exceptional personal talent creates that teammate that will make the winning difference.

Take the opportunity to get to know some of our very special associates:

Mary Kis
Mary has 17 years of experience in writing and managing proposal efforts as well as providing superb orals presentation coaching. Mary has a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Trinity College and was CenturyCertified in 1995.

Ricky Ford
Ricky has 26 years of experience in communications systems engineering. He is a senior technical writer with the ability to engineer solutions to complex technical problems and prepare sophisticated technical responses. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and was CenturyCertified in 1980.

Stephen Hall
Steve has 23 years of computer-based multimedia and graphics experience applied to the production of a wide range of print and slide media used for competitive proposals and oral presentations. Stephen has a B.F.A., Studio Art, from the University of Maryland and was CenturyCertified in 1996.

There are over 50 more Century Certified Associates who would like to meet you.

About Us

Century was founded in 1972 by Joseph T. Nocerino. From its inception the company has been focused on competitive proposal development. This singular focus has led to an organization that provides unparalleled experience and a lengthy tradition of winning.

Century is comprised of experienced professionals with proven engineering backgrounds capable of leveraging the nuances of complex technologies, proposal compliance, win factors and the preferences of government evaluators into successful proposals.

  • 2006 – Won over $3 Billion in One Year
  • 2004 – Reached over $3 billion for one client
  • 2002 – Established Proposal Industry Council
  • 1999 – First win over $1.5 billion
  • 1994 – Opened in-house proposal center
  • 1992 – Proposal support to US Postal Service
  • 1990 – Started CenturyCertified training program
  • 1984 – Started ProposalPerfect system
  • 1976 – Published first book on proposal writing
  • 1974 – Developed ConceptualMapping
  • 1972 – Founded